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Scared Animals from Fireworks?

From our friends over at the “Lost Dogs of Wisconsin”, is like to pass along a good reminder and message to everyone regarding how some animals respond to our Independence Day festivities. We as people may enjoy the entertainment, but our pets may have a different feeling.


Did Your Dog Go Missing From Fireworks? Don’t Panic!
Immediately put out your dog’s favorite blanket, some food and water, and something that smells like you (a dirty sock or pillowcase). Then file a report with us from this link: https://lostdogsofwisconsin.org/report/lost-dog-report/ .

Our volunteer processors will make a flyer for you to print and distribute. A volunteer caseworker for your area will contact you. (Check your email and your phone!) We will also post it on our Facebook page (87,000 fans) and send it out on our Twitter feed.

Tell EVERYONE – to not call or chase or whistle to your dog. Let him relax and he may very likely come home on his own when it is quiet. Do NOT let people congregate in your yard or driveway. Your dog is frightened and will stay in hiding until everything calms down.

Please feel free to give the Lost Dogs Of Wisconsin page a visit to learn more about their organization and resources.