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Thanksgiving Tips

It’s that time of the year again where our pets will love munchin on holiday foods, which also means we have to remind ourselves of the “no-no’s” so trouble doesn’t arise. I put together some links that I found very useful and worthy to forward to everyone.  From main dishes to pies,  doughs to decorative plants, from raw food to even visitors could affect your pet(s) in dangerous ways.  Take some time to read over some of these tips to keep you and your pet(s) safe this Thanksgiving season!


For general tips, you may find these sites very helpful to keep on hand ..

(!) American Veterinary Medical Association Thanksgiving Tips – Click Here

(!) ASPCA Thanksgiving Tips – Click Here


For tips more relative to felines ..

(!) Cat Behavior Associates Tips – Click Here


Please ALWAYS call your veterinary team or animal hospital for any veterinary support including if you feel your pet(s) were food poisoned. 

Our Blog Article on Popular Poisons – Click Here