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Bark Box Recall – Urgent


After having multiple clients and members of our community come to me and ask if a recent recall on “Bark Box Lucky Chew Sticks” was true after several posts on social media had began to surface, the answer is YES.

BarkBox recalled the chew sticks immediately and issued a statement to their clients at the end of May of 2021.  I will link the articles in the references below for everyone to read up on. This is urgent that you follow the recall instructions and guidelines, and as always – reach out to your veterinary clinic or ER if you feel your animal is having a reaction to this treat if already ingested.

This was a recall done by BarkBox and is following the death claim(s) on this product. This was done as a precaution and preventive measure.


Example of Product


  1. BarkBox Official Response – Click Here for Link
  2. Facebook Posting; Posted May 29th, 2021 – Click Here for Link
  3.  Yahoo! News; “BarkBox Stops Distributing Duck-Flavored Chews That Were Attributed to Dogs Death” – Click Here for Link