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Fireworks & Holiday Festivities

Many of us are getting excited for the Summer and festivities that come with summer like parties, vacations, and of course – Fireworks.  As many of us humans are excited for these time of year, our pets and animals DO NOT.  In fact, most animals are terrified from the sound of fireworks and sometimes even thunderstorms.  As we inch closer to the fourth of July,  I wanted to take some time to cover the topic of Fireworks so that we have some information to help us plan our festivities a bit better for us and our pets/animals.

A few basic tips can help, below are some tips we can start with:

  • Keep TV or Radios on to help filter noise levels
  • Try to place the pet/animal in a secure location such as a basement (Somewhere without glass or windows)
  • Contact your veterinarian for sedatives to help calm the pet/animal
  • Having a pet service or friend/family to check on animals frequently before – during – after the fireworks

These suggestions may or may not work for your pet/animal as like humans, they respond to techniques and medications differently.  However there are options to choose from if medications are needed by reaching out to your veterinarian. (Don’t wait till the last minute!) Below are just a few of the prescription medications that are commonly used.  Please contact your veterinarian before issuing any medication to your pet or animal!

  • Trazodone
  • Sileo
  • Gabapentin

Please take some time to consider your pets and animals while you plan for a Summer of festivities! This may save your animal from hurting themselves or even in severe situations, may save their life!  Your pet and animal will be grateful for this!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! Be safe and be smart!  Remember, contact your veterinarian with concerns or suggestions you may want to try on your pet or animal to make sure its the best fit for them!



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