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Getting a Family Addition?

Many people along with clients have came to The Kritter Koncierge at some point asking if there would be such a “thing” of a checklist to look over when bringing new animals or pets home. The answer usually is “not really” as each pet could have different needs to think about at the time of adoption or ownership.

Here are some general tips to keep in mind and to do for animals you adopt or bring home ..

  • Get as much paperwork on the animal when adopting so you are clear on where to start
  • Ask questions about medical / veterinary issues such as:  Diet, Vaccines, Last Veterinary Checkup, Where & How Animal Was Previously Raised
  • Talk to your home veterinary team: Make A New Puppy office call that would include urine, stool, and blood samples.  Along with vaccine, preventative care such as heartworm and other parasites
  • Make sure you know enough about the animal and its breed.  Turn to your veterinary team or other professionals for tips and help as questions arise

Below in the reference section, you will find more links to check out! I tried to include a little of everything in the links ..  Remember to always contact your veterinary team with questions / comments / concerns on petcare, medications or supplements, and dietary guidance.



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