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What’s In My Pets Food?

As a pet owner myself, I will admit it can be very difficult  at times figuring out what is exactly in the food I’m buying. With having a dog that had suffered from Diabetes Type 1, this was something that needed me reading labels ingredients, chemicals, and company information to make better food selections that were healthy.

I will forward you some information and references in hopes this helps you all and your animals that may need a special diet or you may just be searching for healthy diets.  The references go over learning the following:

  • Byproducts – What they are and what to avoid.
  • Chemicals & Their Names – What is ok and what to steer clear of.
  • Learning Label Language – Language can be deceiving!

I put a link in the references for a resourceful glossary of pet food ingredients – bookmark it and use that link as often as you need! Remember that many ailments our kritters get are due to diet, so let’s all do better and feed our kritters healthier meals to have longer and healthier lives!


  •  WebMD; “How To Read a Dog Food Label”. Covering details on understanding labels and their language used on pet food.
  • PetMD; “Pet Food Ingredient & Label Guide”.  Learning about good and bad ingredients.
  • PetMD; “Glossary of Cat and Dog Food Ingredients” Useful guide you can use for information on food ingredients.